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    Hello Server Admin,


    I have found any Bugs:


    – In the shop i can only buy 999 Soulshots, when i buy more he dont buy them

    – any SA on weapons are doesn´t work

    – at any Places are a Invisble Wall i dont can pass this way i Need to run around

    – i dont see buffs from other partymembers

    – The number of buffs are 20 but that is to low you Need to fix it to 30 or 40

    – Bronze Gaiters ( No grade ) is Buggy to eqiup them

    – it give no Raid Bosses

    – Tower of Insolence are no Monsters

    – Castle Siege dont start



    Please Vote all we Need more User 🙂



    • Very old C1/C2/C3 bug, can’t be fixed.
    • What do you mean?
    • Please type /loc and post coordinates of those places, so we can fix them.
    • Party buffs are disabled because they were causing server crashes.
    • Sorry, original C3 had 20 slots so we’re sticking to it.
    • We know that, looking on ways to fix that (client-side text exists but doesn’t show).
    • Active Raid Bosses are: Lilith, Anakim, Baium, Antharas.
    • TOI will be populated with custom NPCs soon.
    • Which castle did you try? Sieges work fine, most of the castles are owned by clans already.

    Thanks for posting these bugs 🙂

    • That is a bad bug :/
    • i mean Special Abillity from Weapons not work (C grade sword Health)
    • Ok when i find more of These walls i post loc and Coordinates
    • you can Fix that with Party Buffs ?
    • hm ok i had Play c3 but on this Server are 30 – 40 Slots but i dont know this is original ^^
    • ok
    • ah ok 4 Raid Bosses are better than no one 😀
    • ok ty
    • at the Moment i dont can take a Castle im to low but later i want Aden 🙂
    • on this Server it give only Strider right ? no Fenrir?


    • 999 Items is just something that you get used to in old Chronicles.
    • Please post specifically which weapons don’t work so we can fix them.
    • Cool!.
    • We are looking for what’s causing this but not too sure, so it is disabled until we do.
    • That was custom.
    • More to come as well, those are just the current ones.
    • You might see that the Siege is canceled every Saturday/Sunday because nobody registers to attack it. That means it works fine 🙂
    • Only Strider in C3, but we plan on adding custom ones 🙂 (maybe Fenrir as well).
    • i say it ist bad 😀
    • ok i do
    • ok
    • but when so many on your Server is custom why not the Slots =P (when im full buffed and i get Poison from Monster 1 buff is remove from me)
    • cool 🙂
    • ok then i know this when im higher Level i can Register
    • wow that is cool i love the White Fenrirs

    P.S. How i can Set a Crest for Clan? (because \ doesn´t work O.o

    Where i must Save the crest to use them?



    • Sword of Limit Health doesn´t work
    • Stormbringer & Tsurugi Duals doesn´t give the 7% atk SPD
    • The Tattoo of Power give 15% more p.atk in the item Describtion and under the Passive skills only 12%


    when i find more i write it 🙂


    Might be bad, but it’s not fixable 🙂 You’ll get used to it soon.

    Apart from some armors/raids, we don’t have many customs. We try to stay as clean as possible. The 20 buff slot is great because you need to think about the buffs you get first when PvPing as well, so that you can plan on which buffs you will lose when you get debuffed. Lots of strategies there, old school PvP.

    You can set the crest normally. This is another old unfixable C3 bug, \ displays as W but acts as \ , so it would look like:


    Sword of Limit – Health fixed (after next restart).
    Stormbringer & Tsurugi give 7% Atk Speed from +0 instead of +4, so the SA works.
    Need to fix that on the client, thanks.


    About the crest, if i am right the slash (” / “) work too cause if i’m remind correctly i’m used to do ” c:/cc1.bmp ”
    About that ” W ” (how to make that symbol in Azerty keyboard lol Oo?)
    I will see if I can’t make the client to show ” \ ” and not that ” W ” 🙂

    “hm ok i had Play c3 but on this Server are 30 – 40 Slots but i dont know this is original ^^”
    C1 C2 C3 used a system that Buff/Debuff use same slot and also limited to 20 slot (in original C3 official server song / dance was rare, cause bd/sws was simply rare on official server aswell as prophet so creator of the game logic wasn’t going to add more slot when it was necessary.)

    Increasing it would requite tooooon of coding and add ton of bug visually in the game that isn’t able to calcul more than 25 slot like C4 client that automatly create 5 line of buff if you want ^^

    I like that kind of side cause that maintly on what I work when i was doing server stuff, I wanted to put debuff in another slot bar ^^ (like C4 I mean you can’t be overbuff cause of bleeding for example. :))
    So yeah there a nice limit in C3 do like me I do in Dragon Valley Cave :

    (from left to right)
    Dance of Light | Holy Weapon | Might | Shield | Berserker Spirit | Bless the body | Haste | Focus |Death Wisper | Wind walk | Dance of Warrior | Dance of Vampire | Dance of Fire | Dance of Fury | Song of Hunter | Song of Earth | Song of wind

    With that you have free slot (potion/one debuff/self buff)
    also you kick ass of all these undead easly (btw I am lv 64 and I rush on pytan/malruk lord room without much problem :3)

    Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !


    I have a window pops up when minimized error and closes. what to do?


    Try doing this:

    Be sure to play in Windowed Mode (not Full screen).

    When you want to go on Forum or switch between characters on different accounts/clients, be sure to first Minimize the current Lineage 2 window and then open a new one. Always make sure you always have only 1 window maximized. This way you will never get critical errors. It always works for me. I bet there are other solutions though. 😛

    It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.


    play and I wanted to minimize the window and go to Skype. then I immediately throws with the game. And even if I expand and collapse the window


    writes error l2.exe not working



    please don’t bump other people’s threads with unrelated questions. Either search the forums with the terms you just explained (“alt tab error” would have brought you to the solution already) or start a new thread explaining your issue.

    Try Hyperion’s solution, or focus the chat window before alt-tab (hit enter).


    Hi, there is no Dragon Shield in shop’s that are needed for full custom Dragon Heavy set S-grade. Add it please, it would be good help to tanks having their S set completed. You can add it to shop with shields maybe cause there are now  max A grade:DK and Nightmare. Tnx


    Hi @fomka,

    the shield can now be purchased from Trader Alexis where you can purchase the other S grade sets. As I said on the reply just above yours, please don’t bump old topics but create new ones when you find bugs, unless they are related to the bugs in that topic!

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