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    here on the server boss jew does just add 100 dmg per crit … i remember that the calculation should be different.

    on retail i have been critted for 13k just because of that jew (i was cardinal) i have been oneshotted.

    also watch the movies of the people having that jew … the dmg of the archers is sick!

    here its just 100 dmg more per crit which is feeling wrong! it, i think, is supposed to do a percentage.


    Hey thanks for the report.

    Bear in mind that Boss Jewels were not originally a part of C3, they’re a custom implementation. I’ve checked the stats and the jewels should give a standard amount plus a small percentage.


    well they do 100 dmg the percentage is not working. its actually not fealable 😀 and if you implemanted s grade sets already why not give the real stats to the jew. since i mean you have s grade in there already, i can understand the setting if there is no sgrade tho. but the settings are bad if you have sgrade in there. since this is not even a part of c3 at all 🙂 so imho you should fix up the jew.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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