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    Just Change it Back to 33%, You were going to fix the enormus atk Speed of Daggers, but now my Archer Buffed by a Level 52 PP With Berserker Spirit 2, Haste 2, Rapid Shot and Atk Speed Tattoo i hit 560 Atk Speed. Thats just…. not right. If you realy want to fix the Daggers Overdose of Atk Speed, change the Daggers Attitute.

    Weapon Atk. Spd.
    Type Modifier
    Very Fast 433 (Dagger)
    Fast 379 (1H Sword, 2H Blunt)
    Normal 325 (Pole, 2H Blunt, 2H Sword)
    Slow 293 (Bow)
    Very Slow 227 (Bow)

    You Dont like the Daggers Atk Speed, Change the Modifier on every Dagger. Takes 10 Minutes, Change it to 400 For example. The thing you did now is kicking other fighters in the Ass =P


    and why would he just change the attack speed of dagger fighters only ?
    Because you play archer ? does that seem fair to you ?


    Because we tested the dagger on the Beta and they were too fast, they even glitches the attack animation ^^

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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