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    As we know, the Antharas Earring is the rarest item among jewelry. Therefore, it stats must be appropriate. I suggest adding the following stats:
    – increase physical def by 10%;
    – increase magic def by 10%;
    – increase accuracy by 10%;
    – increase evasion by 10%;
    – increase critical rate by 10%;
    – 15% increase mana;
    – increase movement speed by 15%.
    I also propose improving the existing stat to accelerate the regeneration of MP, increasing this figure to 20%.

    Too cool? I don’t think so. The Antharas earring should have much more stats than the Valakas necklace, since the last item was easily knocked out from the simplest RBs and is available in large numbers by old players.
    Although these RBs are not dropping the Necklace of Valakas now, Baium is dropping it, and organizing a raid on Baium is much easier than on Antharas, it requires fewer players and 5-7 times less time.

    I hope for the speedy implementation of this idea.

    Regards, Alexey.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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