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    Some might have noticed that the old topic feature a disable Aero function or install teamviewer program?
    right that could work but here Windows 8 users! Doesn’t have Aero option.
    Plus Teamviewer trick does not work for me under Win 8 64x.
    So i tried several command line.
    And I come up to give a try to a Microsoft tool !
    Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit

    This tool create “database” to force an app to launch with Definied parameter AT launch.
    the good point here that is our L2.exe C3 need CPU Affinity to be assigned to only one core.
    and yeah you can tell “just set it manually” but..
    Isn’t boring to do it every time?
    And what to do when the game show “Delta time error” right before load so we can’t set it? 😉

    Forget all that !
    that the post with that 12mb software from Microsoft (trusted windows error free tool (or almost…))
    now that i explain what it does let make it to work !
    Go to my previous link :

    Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit

    Download & Install the software.

    once installed run the app “Compatibility Administrator (32-bit)” (We use 32-bit version as it require Same as destination EXE.)

    Click on “Open”
    And open that Database Lineage II SDB
    (this is a preconfigurated database made by me :))

    then Press “F5” (or click “Run”)
    then Click “Browse”
    Right now go select your L2.exe.
    It is located in ” Lineage II/system/ ”
    Then just click “Ok”

    And now enjoy a stable game over Windows 8+
    You wanted something legit? pretty easy here it is.
    I hope it will help people.

    Yes this fix All Delta Time Critical error , Trading and other server packet sending error isn’t fixed.
    If you need any help just pm me in game in Gotrunk 🙂
    have fun and see you in game. 🙂

    Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !


    I encourage people to trust this, Baoulettes has been here for a very long time! Thanks for sharing.


    Thanks Also it work for DualBox (just run L2.exe as always and it will take param from previous L2.exe.)
    If the first launched L2.exe is closed just run it again with the software and it will work fine 🙂

    Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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