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    In my opinion!

    The dusk weapon (sword and staff) are good for mage classes. The dusk weapon have a build in auto SA “Acumen” and dont have any addition SA. They are the best weapon “currently” avaiable for Mage classes. I wonder why there are no Dusk weapon for other classes?

    If you think about it. It very unfair to other classes, who dont use dusk weapon. They need for farm up 5m AA (approx 3h or longer) for one level 13 crystal. And since weapon break at +4 and depend on your luck, you will need to farm a lot more AA to get a +4 weapon or higher.

    I farm around 30m AA for 6 S grade weapon. All of them break at +4. Then i farm another 10m AA and now i have one +6 S grade Dagger, with luck mind you.

    Addition to that. S grade SA are currently so weak, that they aint worth the 5m AA. They need to be buffed! C, B & A grade SA give higher bonus than a S grade SA! Why is S grade SA weaker then their lower grade SA? It make no sense. A ferrari have lesser horse power then a fiat?

    I find it weird to punish the player, who spent time playing / farming. And i dont want to mention anything about weird and terrible SA on some weapon…

    I do hope admin will improve some existing SA and change out some “very questionable” SA on some weapon.

    ToNy Montana

    You re right,Sweapon’s SA its really sux (8% Agrade 7%SGrade for xmple)

    The unfair part about AA its complecated but definately need NERF/Fix


    The reason there are only Dusk weapons for mages is because I just added Dusk Sword, Dusk Staff and Dusk Shield. Mages needed better weapons because they were a little worse than fighters. Now tanks need a buff too.

    As for SAs, most of them are the official ones but some have just been removed because they were too powerful. Some more might have to be removed due to problems with daggers for example, and that’s just the way it has to be. I agree a lot of them are useless but that’s okay – you can use the useful ones instead of the useless ones. If a weapon only has useless SAs please report it and we can see if we want to keep it that way for historical reasons, or if we want to change it.

    Lastly, if you have ideas about specific S grade SAs that are not good please start a list here so we can figure it out 🙂


    I would like to start with e Pole weapon. I wonder how many target can hit by a Pole (13?) and how many target can be hit by a Pole Skill (20?)?

    With that said, i wish we get better SA for the Saint spear. Why Wild Sweep and Berserk? What does Berserk do?

    Server : Saint Spear | Crit stun | Wild Sweep | Berserk
    Official: Saint Spear | Health | Guidance | Haste

    Currently (2020.05.11), i would prefer using the Tallum Glaive + Wide Blow over Saint Spear with an SA.


    Well what do you think?

    IMO: SA ranking

    Wide Blow (if Pole can hit up to 13 target)

    Crit stun (if Pole can hit only up to 5 target)

    Long Blow (long reach, good for RB?)

    Anger (Max HP -15% for pATK, not bad or bad?)

    Health (Max HP + 25%, great? IDK)

    Light (I will never use this SA)

    ToNy Montana

    Sticky answer @neon

    Can we talk also about % stat gives SA’s??

    Damascus*Damascus 8%atk speed AGrade

    God’s Duals Blade      7%atk speed S Grade

    i wanna add somthin more …
    Dragon Hunter Axe is Pole ?

    Searching on gloogle
    Blunt / 2-hand



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