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Also I’m dead sure you can’t just add percentages unless they all refer to the same base value.

Example: Assume the basic casting speed was 100. +2 WIT -> +12%, which would leave us with a casting speed of 112. Now you get a 22% increase on that which equals 136.64.

This is How c3 works. The Buff % Stack on the previous Value. This is why you took good on the fact, reducing the M atk Tattoo. Its not like c4, that all the buffs, stats and SA abilities depend on a basic Value. They increase with every Buff. I dont want any class to get weakened. I just dont get it why you did reduces the Atk.Speed Tattoo by 10% from 33% to 23%. I dont know if you guys know what atk speed different classes should have on some basics, i can only tell you by my archer so far. And being buffed with Haste Level 2, Atk.Speed Tattoo, Rapid Shot 2, Passiveskill: Boost Attack Speed (Human passive), Doom Light (+3 DEX) and ive got a Attack Speed of 622. Im almost maxed out on Atk Speed. And the Human Archer on C3 is the one with the highest Attack Speed. Its not a QQ, but why changing the general atk speed of Fighter classes, when on the BETA only the Daggers were bugged. The fullbuffed attack speed stacked the animation of the character. Yet we also tested the casting speed maxed out and we reached a limit where the nuker didnt even used an animation by its high casting speed, but you let the c. speed tattoo untouched? I Dont want you to nerf anything, of lower the Mage Tattoos. Yet dont touch other Tattoos unless you tested every possibility. The only thing that was OP was the M atk Tattoo, which used by a Spellhowler with the Tita Robe + the M Atk Staff would doom everyone. The Casting speed is fine. But why kicking the fighters once more? Let the Tattoo as it is and look for another solving for the Daggerproblem. One which does not touch other fighters.