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I want to say two things…First, Verena I think you are obsessed and you need to relax and enjoy the game.
We are not having mass pvp in this server yet and unfortunately we dont know if we are ever going to have.
Also I have checked pvp with some friends (mages,daggers and archers,b grade,same lvls with prophet buffs)
and mages really suffered…I mean it was too easy for the fighters(and dont tell me that the mage didnt know how to play because I can prove you that at least at those lvls and gear mage is getting pwned easily) so I believe mages are going to need this “better armor boosts” from the later armors that you mentioned .And if later we start having more people
and much more pvp and mage seems to be too strong then admins could do something about it.
BTW I am not playing with mage…