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Five people cannot successfully test this out, which is why we don’t put that much effort into it. Always remember that donation does not mean purchase, it means appreciating mine and @toolpunk ‘s work hours, which are unpaid. That is the whole purpose of testing and nerfing/boosting. We try things out and see what the majority of the community thinks. This needs to be quite a few people. As I said, we have relatively balanced classes with every class having something quite powerful. If we see once we launch that any class is overpowered, we will take actions. But it is very unlikely that only one class will be overpowered, or else we would have spotted it already. So expect changes on things that affect every player – like SA’s, Set bonuses, and common skills (or skills for every class).

Blizzard, Inferno and the rest of those powerful spells will receive a small nerf soon as well. If we had 50 or more active people in BETA we could also try some mass pvp, split them into two clans and have wars and maybe have a siege as well. But unfortunately there’s just too few people to arrange those things. A 1v1 won’t teach us anything, as it can go either way anytime.

If people are up for arranging some mass pvp/raids/sieges then sure we can try those things. But we won’t wait forever, as we need to go live eventually.

Hope this is clear enough.