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Spellsinger: Cancel reusetime is around 1 Minute (faster reuse with higher Casting Speed.) I just checked some sites. Found something on the official Site:

On Chronicle 4 Update list the following Info was given:

The probability that Cancel will remove buffs and debuffs has been considerably reduced, and the reuse time has decreased from 300 seconds to 120 seconds.

That actually means the Reuse of Cancel was 300 seconds on C3.

But with that said, it also means that (and you can read that on the site on some other points too) the official Lineage 2 c3 had fixed reusetimes for every skill. Is there a reason or an setting to change it? I mean alot (around 95%) of the skills reuse depends on the atk/c. speed. However your Attackspeed or your Castingspeed is, the reuse of an skill should stay. The only thing that is able to reduce those is the Valakas Necklace if i remember correctly. Ofc that counts for every class. Daggers, Archer, Mages, Healer, Fighter etc etc.
I tested it with Dash. Its actually working that a Dagger with Dash level 2 and a normal atk speed, such as Dagger + Haste Potion + Tattoo + Normal S Armor could actually spam Dash, which got a reuse of 90 seconds normaly.