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Cancel is the same way it was on C3, same goes for sleep, stun, landing rate of blows.

The Skill itself yes, the reuse and casttime not. Cancel had a fixed Casting time and fixed reusetime. If i remember correctly Cancel was about 3 seconds to cast and 300 seconds to reuse. Cancels 100% of all the skills, Landingrate was nearly 90%.

Now that you guys mentioned it, AutoSS worked the same way on official servers (during Chronicle 3) as it does here? I mean, the spiritshots were added after casting a spell, not before? Did they only change that after C3?

People belive, that the spiritshots will be used befor the skill casts when using autoss. Buts on the officials it was different untill c4. How it works here is right, if you want the Spiritshot be used befor you cast a skill to gain the extracasting speed, you need to do it manualy.

Focus works fine, I am not sure about Bodily Blessing, but to be honest on a PVP server nobody really cares about it. All they want is magic attack/casting speed 🙂

People that are using and SE as Dualbox char does care about the HP buff which is unbuffable from an Elf/Darkelf buffer =P

Vicious stance + blows is supposed to do great damage, but maximum damage from blows is 2000, if I recall correctly. I have fixed smeli’s vicious stance and it works as we want it to now, so no blow will do the amount of damage you mentioned.

There is no such as fixed damage. The Backstab on a Tank is by far less hurtfull as the Backstab on a Mage. At c2 and later a Dagger was able to, when fullybuffed and good enchanted/equipped, onehit Mages. Thats what Daggers are made for in the PvP. The whole game is a circle:

Dagger > Mage
Archer > Mage
Tank > Archer
Mage > Warrior (Gladiator, Destroyer etc)
Warrior > Archer,Dagger

Thats ofc not happening everytime, but thats kind of how its working. So if you see Mages here raping Daggers all the time, you might Balanced it wrong.

The tank skills I think cannot work properly, so we either give them the stats by making the skill passive (HP percentage won’t work, so they get the buff when 100% as well) or we make it activated ( T ) so the player needs to activate the skill manually.

Cant you take Frenzy as an option? its working only on 30% or less HP too, wouldnt it be the same, just put it as passive?

All i can add is, that everything is almost working correct. But the Attacks Speed and Casting Speed is weired. I played an Mage here to test it and i figuered out, that when ever my casting speed increases, i dont only cast faster, all my skills’s reuse is reduced. Thats the most annoying thing. It makes Daggers (read and tested in a different Thread) Spamusing Skills, Mages Spamnuking / Canceling TOO fast (i just imagined a test. The setting of the Skills here would mean, that a Hero Dagger would lose against a A Grade Spellsinger oder Sorcerer)

And i dont like how Titanium Sets are so based on the “Typical Class”. Like the Light Armor gives only P atk for Archers and Daggers? What about Destroyer, Warlords, Tyrants, Duelists. All of them are Lightarmor user as well.

If you can only fix all the skilltimes reuse as it should be (there were NO, not even ONE Skill, that depends on casting speed or attack speed, they had ALL fix reuses) It would make the gameplay a whole lot better.

We also have to look on the Balancing of the Classes itself. Archers compared to Archers. The Human for example got the highest Attack Speed (Thanks to the passive Boost Attack Speed Level 1), With Dash spamable (Thanks to the reusetimethingy) the highest Runspeed, the highest HP and P atk and with Snipe the highest Range. Darkelves only have the Highest Critical Damage and Elves….nothing. So there is not even 1 good point to use an Elf Archer here. Compared the skills and Basic stats ofc.

And is Binding Blow of the Elf/Darkelf working? Should give runspeedboost once used against an Enemie.