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Agreeing with Verena on most parts, but have to add that Vicious Stance actually adds damage to auto attack critical hits, including criticals from bow. It doesn’t change it greatly, for example if an archer crits for 1500 damage, with VS on they will crit for ~1700 damage.

Cancel is the same way it was on C3, same goes for sleep, stun, landing rate of blows.

Now that you guys mentioned it, AutoSS worked the same way on official servers (during Chronicle 3) as it does here? I mean, the spiritshots were added after casting a spell, not before? Did they only change that after C3?

Strider disarm is an easy fix, we prefer it this way as it was the old classic way (even if it was changed later). Only wyverns disarm you for now. Strider speed is 180, if you get buffs you can get MUCH more speed than that.

Focus works fine, I am not sure about Bodily Blessing, but to be honest on a PVP server nobody really cares about it. All they want is magic attack/casting speed 🙂

Fake death landing rate will be changed to 100% for official launching, so don’t worry about it.

Can you be more specific about the materials and the shops? They seem to work fine for me.

Vicious stance + blows is supposed to do great damage, but maximum damage from blows is 2000, if I recall correctly. I have fixed smeli’s vicious stance and it works as we want it to now, so no blow will do the amount of damage you mentioned.

The tank skills I think cannot work properly, so we either give them the stats by making the skill passive (HP percentage won’t work, so they get the buff when 100% as well) or we make it activated ( T ) so the player needs to activate the skill manually.

I don’t get access failed. I think I’ve told you many times that you are using the wrong system folder. All you have to do is download the updater and let it update.

We do not use smeli’s scripts. Our scripts come from old developers, private projects/shares and lots of our own work.