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1) cancel remove all buffs Thats how it works in C3, sadly but true

3) Vicious stance + mortal blow can cause great damage (not sure if is a bug) Also correct, Vicious stance will ALWAY only increase the SKILL damage, not the general Damage. Once a Archer is using Vicious STance it will not increase his critical damage on a normal arrowshot

5) When you playing the other players position seems like have a delay and you see them quiet meanwhile they are really in other location Thats a typical L2 C3 location problem, which also appeared on the official Servers.

3) If auto spiritshot enabled removing 1 to trash can. them will not increase casting speed. It does increase casting speed. C3 had the Problem, that the automatic spiritshots does not being used befor you cast the skill. The castingspeed bonus only appears when the spiritshot is used befor the skill is.