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The Damage is usually a Chronicle Problem. Yet a Abyss should have the Highest crit damage, an Plains Walker the highest Crit rate and a TH both on the middle way. but the official C3 wasnt made like that. So…. play as the race you like mostly. They are pretty equal in damage. The only thing that cheers a TH up is his Attack Speed and his Dash Skill, thats all.


Sorry maybe i did not explained well.

Treasure hunter – Abyss walker :
With: Focus lvl 3 + Dance of fire. will do ridiculously damange on mortal blow skills (less damage than without buffs)

Plan walker .
With: Focus level 3 + Dance of fire . will do 3.000 , 4.000 damage with each mortal blow skill.

This test id done without “focus” skill

Are you talking about this server?