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hi to the old veterans like me ! 😛
i am also a fan of old time chronicles (C3, C4) just like you guys . i joined for the same reason like you.
i really miss good old days where we had simple and good things on the game.
no super extra skills with super extra chars.
where we were all (at least 90%) active , we were trying our best and we knew for sure our char !!
our char’s skills and etc …
not like now where you play Lineage2 (even if it is free) and go from 1 lvl to 40 like it is teleporting… 🙁
where you dont really learn your char and his skills..
its not the same l2 like it used to be. in my opinion its a different game , more like WOW …. 🙁
anyway , i am happy to found this server even if it is not so much people.. ( really i dont mind even if it isnt going to be that crowded , i will still play ) .
i really wanted to find such a server ( C3 or C4 ) for 2 years now !!!
lets have fun mates !!!!! GF !!!!