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The topic was “Gustavs – Thats how PvP should look like”. I thought that you meant overall how a PvP should look like in Lineage 2, and decided that 1vs1 or 1vsMany with inferior gear is hardly how the PvP looks or should look like. In order to be ‘successful’ in Lineage 2, 1vs1 PvP is only a fraction of an entire set of skills that you should possess. I define success in Lineage 2 (Until C5) by using the following definitions:
– Knowing inside-out all the classes of the game.
– Being as best as possibly equipped (at least S grade sets, weapons and epic boss jewels), main and sub-classes.
– Being able to play with great precision and professionalism in both PvE and in PvP* with 98% of the classes in the game.
– Being Hero more than 6 consecutive times, with different classes.
– Overall knowledge of the game (bosses, quests, sieges, PvPs, dungeons, bugs and etc) must be on a level that minimizes the chance of making mistakes during intense, under-stress game-play where quick and accurate decision making is vital to the successful outcome.
– Playing with high-skilled, wise, smart, knowledgeable and tolerant people.
– Dedicate as many hours to game-play as possible and be online during most if not all important events – bosses and sieges.
– More – many small details about the game not mentioned in this list (since this is just a reply to a comment to a forum and not an article written by a Lineage 2 guru, which I certainly do not consider myself) that reduce the chance of making mistakes during intense, excessive and prolonged game-play.
*PvP – any type of PvP possible that can come to your mind – any buff-set, party-set, PvP-set and circumstance.

Now, in order to be successful in Lineage 2 you have to be good, AMONG OTHER THINGS, in PvP 1vsMorethan1. However having skills ONLY in such type of PvP (just like Gustavs) does not make you, by far, professional or successful.

To the comment “People like Dvp, Squeez, DanielDefo, MuerteLegend are just ebayed wannabies, far away from being skilled. “, you cannot compare the guy I posted videos about with these people, since he did not donate.
This person achieved everything that you can achieve in Lineage 2 on a private server, with decent (if not large) number of players. He accomplished everything stated above and more, he had over 6500 PvPs with only 1 of his characters. He was as good as or much better in any aspect of the game than 99.98% of the top players that played on retail at the time of C5.

If you believe that badly equipped and just the same buffed player who wins battles against well-equipped people (and sometimes classes that if you cannot beat with the class he played you should not be considered even average-skilled player), is how a PvP should look like in Lineage 2 and is a sign of professionalism, then I would consider you mad.