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Thats just Group vs Group PvP. Good, X alliance on Teon was the top of those kinds. But i talked about Single Player that easly beat a Full Party undergeared. Gustavs and Kagan were both underequipped. A Grade, Dagger is Majestic against Heroes, people with +10 S or Dynasty later on. Offical server without any Costum stuff. Everything else is Childsplay. And non of you twos videos can compare to Kagan or Gustavs. You know MuerteLegend or DanielDefo? Both duelists. Everyone is praying them, but both are useless. Epayed, fighting with a Duelist in S84 +16 against A/S Mages. Even my Gradma could kill them with a character like that. Daniel Defo was so proud of his “mass” pvp victories. Yet he Played a Hero Duelist with +16 S84 Duals and S84 Top Armor Set full elemented against A Grade mages… People like Dvp, Squeez, DanielDefo, MuerteLegend are just ebayed wannabies, far away from being skilled.