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I never played on retail and your sarcasm is beyond preposterous. You can find on YouTube most successful players and compare them (their gear and fighting skills). You cannot compare DVP to other private-server players since he played much more on retail (and bought items) even though it takes longer to achieve the same, however there were much more people with inferior gear on retail at that time.

Having much better gear than the rest of the server along with professional game play renders many others free kills and it is success if you are the one with gear. It is success and professionalism to slaughter everyone on your with a skilled party. Lineage 2 was (I do not know now) all about team play and collectivism – that was the only way to taste everything that the game offers.

I never said Gustavs is a bad PvPer especially where he specialized – winning tough 1vsMany battles. However, I still believe that he did not get to the top and grabbed the prize of a successful player since he did not play mainly in team with others, which once again Lineage 2 is all about. What Gustavs did is just a little part of the whole, that others did. You cannot admit that he is the best TH (Adv) because he was winning the battles aforementioned in your comment, as I said it requires more to be the best TH. Again, he was good where he specialized and that cannot be called “Thats how PvP should look like”.