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Lol’d so hard @ sharyn’s gif haha.

Thanks for checking out our server, we hope you stick around. However, we don’t like botting and we also do not encourage it. All classes will be usable in PVP and PVE, just like in old days. There will be no NPC/BOT/AIO buffers here, there are plenty of servers with these features out there.

There are potions for Speed (lvl 2), Attack Speed (lvl 2) and Casting Speed (Lvl 3) sold in the shops, and they are more than enough to play in C3. Don’t forget C3 stats are much higher than any other chronicle (buffs are calculated on your current stats, not your base stats). You can always play a buffer class or have a buffer friend.

Asking for such things is making some classes useless. In that regard we should also have bot healers following every player and spam healing, and bot tanks to tank everything and everyone, and bot damage dealers to attack every target possible, and basically just quit the game and let it run on it’s own. Thanks, but no.

This is a classic C3 high rate experience, just like in the old L2x C3 days.

Thank you for your suggestions, however it is highly unlikely you will see something here.

I’d also like to mention that there are 2 server owners, not just 1.
We are called silentz0r and toolpunk , respectively.
We are good fellas.