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Did i hurt your feeling? ^^ At first i was talking about THE BETA. It will get wiped anyway. All you doing now is testing., your char will be deleted afterwards anyway. The buffers are for testing ONLY. And ofc our Tests went to the best possible equip. Titanium hard to get? once you have a pt of people you will be able to gain it if you’re clever. You should read carefully insteed of rangeposting my friend. I even wanted my own class to get nerfed because its f*cked. And you dont even need a Tita Set for 1000 critical rate. Its just a fact that c3 is misscalculating stats. And once again, read what i said. The casting speed of a Hero sps is letting my Win7 crash. I had the same pĆ¼roblem on a c2 server i made for myself. Once my char hitted a casting/attack speed, my Game crashed. THATS why i tested it with Silent. For no toehr pupurse. Also on a setted atk speed and c. speed your char is bugging itself by using skills faster as he should and ignoring the reuse (double casts skills). And NOBODY said we gonna nerf classes. Silent on his own said that those Hero skills need to get nerfed. they are borken with that adds of stats. And you act like Titanium is the ultraarmor itself. i gain about 6% more atk speed with it compared to the S armor. So yeah, lets say i love 200 atk speed with a normal S armor. You as a sps will never be able to solo a raid. i mentoried Destroyer if you didnt saw it. Frenzy can be, on the actually sitation, spamused. even without Heroskills or Tita armor. That means, if we add only Vampiric rage (8% HP from the dealed closeup dmg) to the fact of a destroyer with nonstop frenzy (+300% P atk) he WILL be able to solo raids. He dont even need to be any kind of Donator. Thats what i was worried about. So keep your wet balls in your pants. There is no dirrect attack on any classes. Its discusion about EVERYONES stat and its limits.