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Will add a very useless comment but to hell with it! (am writing this with all the respect possible)

Are you freaking insane about those stats you mentioned!? Just get real and focus less on your donation stuff please. The thing is – hardly anyone will have an active BD next to them so “bye bye” to dances. Hardly anyone will have Titanium set unless you donate. And further on! Who the hell will even complete the hero recipe!? It is impossible (well almost) so also forget about silly hero skill. If however anyone manages to complete it and succeed in crafting (it is 60% only if I am not mistaken) then by all means i am happy for him and his stats boost.

Just a quick conclusion … focusing on my character (I play SPS). I won’t even reach 1000 casting speed when I equip my DC set (it is set that gives more casting than any other S set by the way) … I am having 300 stupid magic attack on my level 59 so my farming is just slow-low-slow! All in all … I can’t even start to imagine any solo raid boss killing. Why!? Even silly catacomb farming is impossible solo and it is of crucial importance since AA is needed for pretty much everything.

One small request: Lets all get real here! No NPC buffs/dances/songs = nice slow farming and/or leveling and makes most of playable chars needed.

Sorry if my comment was idiotic and completely out of place but it really gets to me when I see stuff like 2400 casting speed and 1000 critical rate written on the forum, where obtaining that is just science fiction!

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.