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etherian, you missunderstood. i dont want any Buffer on the real server neither. I want it clear, no NPC buffers. But in order to test the stuff (Instances, Raids, drops, the Balance of each chars, the Hero system, the skills, the stats of each buffed char etc etc) it would be nice to have those atleast in the Beta. I also hope you ARE wiping after the Beta is done. Testing it on this rate is hard. you can never test all the needed stuff whin 1 month. I played on a server which is down now. Im not naming it, but it was a C5 Server. Used OFF files. Had 2 Month of Beta testing with 400 people on it. Once the final server started we found tons of bugs, non working Heroes, bugged skills, non dropping items and so on. And we had over 4000 people on the final server. You see, testing is the hardest part. Once you got a almost perfect working server with serious background, it will run on its own. A server should be made like a Gm isnt needed. It should run by itself without a GM avaible for weeks. If you need its help daily, there must be something wrong. Im not here to critizice. Im here again because i want that server grow. I learned a hell lot while playing L2 on every single chronicle. To balance stuff out it also means, playing in A/S against Titanium should be clear to have the Titanium guy to win. Skill on using its char is also needed. Else it will end out in a Donator > Non Donator. You know silent, that im a Donator myself. So all im saying here is actually against myself. Ive Donated 229,90€ Dollar on the old Oldskool server. Still i dont want to dominate just because of this. So i like the fact of being unable to Donate for Enchants. We tested alot yesterday. Alot i was thinking of. And you saw that all ive shown you would bring trouble. Eventho we tested it on its highest possibility (Like casting speed of an SpS with ALL Casting Speed Buffs + Tattoo + Titanium Set + Baium Ring + Bless of Hero Skill) 2500 was it, right? Thats broken, the animation cant even follow its speed. Same counts for Human Daggers on fully atk speed. Hitting 2300 atk speed. It would make the Silence effect on the Hero Dagger useless , because the enemie would be dead befor the Silence would take effect. Or 1400 atk. Speed on an Archer. Thats insane. We cant fix it all. Its c3, stuff like Cancel to not work 100% cant be done. So we change it otherwise. My idea was, not to reduce its reuse, which is around 1 Minute. But change the Casttime itself. Like Cancel need 3-4 seconds to get casted. A Skill that Powerfull shouldnt be spamable. Normale on full c speed it takes less than 1/2 second to be casted. And on the same time its ready after 30 seconds. If you fight a Party on Destroyer, 1 Sps could kill them all, eventho they are all Heroes. But also Daggerskills shouldnt be able to get spammed. All Skills depends on its speed. Physical Skills depends on ATK. Speed. Magical on the Casting speed. That also counts for the reusetime. The higher the atk. Speed, the lower the reuse. On its full atk. Speed a TH could Spam all 3 blows nonstop. Adding the fact, that a endgame TH will reach 1000 Critrate, which also means a 100% landing rate of ALL Daggerskills (also Bakctsba from front) they would be spamming 100% Landing skills ALL THE TIME. Destroyer on Fullbuffs + Endgame equip will hit 1200 atk speed. On almost 800+ Critical rate and, because of the atk speed with an Dagger while using Frenzy, endless Frenzy all the time. They would solo epic raids without a Problem. 300% P atk as Titan with fullbuffs and Vampiric Rage working will make you unkillable, atleast on Raids. All that stuff, All that shit i talked about need to be tested. No for my Profit, for the sake of the server.