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XP rate has not been changed, it’s the same as it used to be. There are newbie buffers which will buff you until level 20, so visit them regularly. You also get starting buff scrolls which last 1 hour, use them wisely 🙂 If we make it easier in the BETA then we won’t know whether things are good or not, which actually nullify’s the whole idea of the BETA.

L2x didn’t have Focus on Shining Bow because it was too overpowered in C3. Archers when buffed have pretty high critical rate. The Dusk/Tomb weapons are exactly the same as the ones in L2x, in fact we have taken them directly from them. We didn’t add anything. The hero system is also the same as L2x was, and the same goes with Titanium. We can test out SA Focus on archers but I’m pretty sure L2x had a reason to remove it 🙂

Starting SOE is a good idea. Unfortunately we cannot add starting arrows (in C3 you cannot add multiples of the same item as starting item). Again the same as L2x (you had the same starting weapons but no arrows), just go buy some :p. For donations/tokens etc. please send emails/PMs.