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Long post incoming!
A couple of points from me, I agree with most of the stuff that is said by everyone in this thread:

Current buffs/dances/songs, tattoos and class skills will remain the same. If something gets nerfed it will be the hero items/skills or titanium. We don’t plan on lowering for example every archer’s attack speed, so that hero titanium boss jewel archers have proper stats. As Alkien said, if someone manages to get that they can enjoy the small boost, which don’t forget will only last for a minute and will require a Seal of Hero every time it’s used – so people won’t be able to spam it, they will have to farm and craft seals before they can use those skills, which also have higher reuse time than their duration (e.g. if a buff lasts for 1 minute it has a 1.5 minutes reuse delay and so on).

It is a fair point, however, that at some point someone will manage to get all those things and we need to have those things balanced. By those things I mean hero items/skills. Yes, heroes should be quite powerful but within reason.

As far as titanium goes, I guess I’ll have to keep spamming this: TITANIUM IS FARMABLE by killing RAIDS. Yes, there are no Donation-only items on this server, you can farm/win everything.

I completely agree with the point that the server should be able to run on it’s own, meaning that it won’t need GMs to give people their items etc. People will farm, pvp, raid, quest and create an economy of their own.

I also agree with tekos, that it is very discouraging for new players to join a server and see people with top gear rape them since level 1. If you remember back in 2009 as well, donations didn’t open until well in the server so that there is a grown economy in the server and it is not disturbed by donations. I will let you know when donations are open at which point you will be receiving your rewards.

There are no enchanted donations, donators can enchant their items at their own risk.

The things mentioned above (2500 cast speed etc.) will most probably get nerfed, however they are the WORST case scenario. Meaning: Someone has prophet buffs, dances, songs, tattoos, hero weapon, titanium set, raid jewels and buffed with hero skill (for 1 minute). It is pretty far-fetched, but nevertheless will get recalculated (even though it is the same as it was in L2x).

I also completely agree with etherian. We need to focus towards populating the server at this point, while we keep testing everything out.

As far as everything getting wiped after the BETA: that is not entirely true. We are not sure if we will wipe yet, and if we do wipe, BETA testers will receive gifts for their support once we go live (materials/buff scrolls/masks/dunno what yet). So do focus in testing and leveling because the more you help the greater the gifts (again, we won’t give out things that will ruin the economy of the server such as adena etc.).

Sorry for the long post, it was required.

And last point, name calling etc. is bullshit so please quit it (whoever does it). You can tell people that “this thing you said is stupid because x,y,z” , but don’t call each other names just because you can. I’ll be a nerd and post a link to the forum rules, just for the sake of it :d

Forum Rules

I’m glad all of you actually give a crap about this stuff and discuss it. We’re gonna make this server awesome.