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Ok, chill out… I don’t need to flatter telling here where I played or if I donated or not, I understand about that thing u mention for casting speed and attack speed, it shoud be limited till animations runs fine, I had that problem in past with one of mine servers and it can be fixed, for now we need some more ppl that’s all I have to say, ppl call friends / clans/ alliances / enemies / etc
And btw I pked someone the other day when I went to exp… that one emo raged saying ohhh pk I will quit playing here… Just don’t start to act like dumbs… It is a game and is maded to play it not to qq I dunno who was but I didn’t liked that… when someone pk me I don’t qq I just keep playing and making my char stronger to pk the one who pked me… So ppl chill out that’s all, see u all later to keep testing when I’m off work

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