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You are completely delusional. First of all you really do not need to call me “my friend” … Lets just say we won’t be that – ever. Secondly I never mentioned anything about Titanium being oh so very cool top of the top armor – you deluded yourself in me saying that. I was actually pointing out that DC set is my preferable one. Then … you don’t need to mention anything about “rage posting” cause I was not doing that at all … Want to read the post again, maybe? (rhetorical question)

I choose to stop explaining myself here and now, but let me just give you a tiny bit of reverse philosophy – you are the one who should read a tiny bit more careful, cause I replied to only a little section of your post and did not rage about anything whatsoever. I do however have my own opinions and I also think I do have a right to post a reply when I see fit.

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.