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Alright, donations. This is a delicate topic. So let me explain some things.

Donations are needed to keep this server and website running. We’ve put countless hours of work into this project, all unpaid. And don’t get me wrong, we’re not even asking for your money.

We don’t want to do this for a living. This is hobby, a fun project, a service for you guys. And you are the ones to decide how long it stays online by donating or not. If hosting was free there wouldn’t even be a donation system.

Which brings me to my next and final point. The donation system is in place to reward your extraordinary support. Do NOT confuse it with a shop. Because it really isn’t. All donations are optional. There is no required fee to play on this server.

Just the same all rewards are merely out of gratitude. Don’t take them for granted. If you don’t feel comfortable donating money without getting something in return, then please don’t.

Through your donation you are expressing your wish for this server to stay online for you and others to enjoy. Nothing more and nothing less.

That said, we appreciate all your continued support and will try hard to make this server what you hope for it to be.