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i just cant log in anymore after trying to set a buy shop….

This is “access failed” error that i mentioned before . the only way to make you log again is a server restart , your character is stucked ingame and can not be kicked. If silentzor can fix this would be interesting even mindaugas could not (or maybe he didnt focused on this) . Aparently is related to user socket , and with offline trade. (Disable offline trade do not Fix this) , I think this could be because of antiexploit related to private store buy but not sure

Also this usually happends when 1) Dualbox Trade , 2) When player try setup private store 3) sometimes player screen froozen and if he force close L2.exe he may get this.


A few hints:
1) In C3 you can sell maximum of 3 items at one time<br>
2) You hit Private Store – Buy instead of Private Store – Sell<br>
3) Your Message is too long<br>
4) You don’t have enough adena :p (j/k)

Is because he have not adena , but the fact is that he have the adena. this problem happend because of Antiexploit of Private store buy i suppose to avoid dupes or other tricks maybe.
Usually when player try setup private store buy of certain mats , or items price will be : 64.000 adena instead of desired one
If he try buy 400 coals at 2.000 because of this antiexploit sometimes the price can change to 64.000 adena
In the most of chases the player can not start private store but in other player will start a Storebuy with price of 64.000 adenas per item and will get scamed by the others.


I wonder were did you get Auth for protocol 560 (custom patch by green hope) ?