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I have the same problem tonight I’m afraid.

I created the account, and set the password hours ago, while the game was still downloading.
I then tried to login when it was installed, but it sais the password doesn’t match the account name. But on the other hand, it probably sais this anyhow, since I tried using the email-address as username, and got the same error.
I then changed the password – actually to the same password, but I reentered it on the webpage atleast – but I still get the same error.

What other stuff could mess with my connection – I’ve checked the hosts file and it has no stuff in it that could be the problem. Am I doing something wrong? I just run the l2.exe file in the system-folder of the game, like I usually do, but normally there’s some kind of entry in the hosts file, so I’m not sure if it’s OK installed.

Thanks for helping.