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L2 was made for everyone to play. Yet classes such as BD/SWS/PP/SE/EE are also played chars 80% of the time. But also remember, L2 started with THOUSANDS of people at the beginning. Nobody had to worry that Buffer or Dwarf are missing. On a server starting with 5 people you will have that problem. And it will be a huge one. The startings are very “hard” If you miss to buy a SOE, you are stuck whereever you are. To get back you have to get killed. And for some reason you can drop equip when you die without Karma against a mob. So imagine im lebel 16, deep inside elven fortress, forgot to buy a SOE at the very beginning, used my Buffscrolls. The only solution to go back to town is to die. That means looses your Buffscrolls, prob drop part of your equip, like your Bow. The first thing i would do i quit the game. Even on the officials they had /unstuck since c1. Dropping Equip while having no Karma against Mobs is also lame. That results, that you can prob lose Equip in a normal PvP. People will get afraid of PvPing or farming. The only one to drop is a Player with Bunch of Karma.