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Hi everyone, sorry for my language it is not my native, when daggers(I speaking about TH) activated skill silent move he have the same speed that usually, sometimes when you use skill fake death you charaster just sit down ;], in catacombs silent move, lure, fake death etc do not always work, two words about tatu of bravery with that tatu blow abilityes do not miss at all(imba). And about mobs with dagger resist or strong physical immune, blow abilityes make him 100% damage considering that with tatu of bravery you don’t miss = imba. I almost forgot mobs with x2,x3,x4,x5 checked in EV and LoA(plando, kariness, karik etc) have x1 HP rate.

P.S. About currency runes mantras on AA, can you make one button change all ;].
Dream (TH, 66 lvl, clan rdy) continues to test…