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I’ll be discussing this with toolpunk and we’ll let you know, thanks for posting!

We do have a few concerns about language support. If people find this server with Russian tags, they might assume it’s a Russian server. We’ll have to think about a way to approach this, we would probably need a Russian GM and a Russian section in our Forums. I am also pretty certain that we would need a Russian client (which we could provide, but then the online chat would look unreadable for people using the English client and vice-versa).

As far as the server just appearing in searches, I am pretty sure that searching “L2 C3” or “Lineage 2 C3” will give you our server as the first result:

The only thing that worries me is having a lot of non English speakers asking questions which we won’t be able to respond to, as neither me nor toolpunk speak Russian. Nor do we know anyone (in our circle) who does.

Could you explain your thinking a bit more?