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Ok. First of all add to your google tags the next one:
l2 c3 сервер (“сервер” means server, so you may also add diferrent subjects like Lineage 2 c3 сервер etc.)
additionaly you can use “линейдж” as “lineage”

Concerning yandex it works almost the same way as google does, except some features.. i can help you with details, there might be english UI. go to: and try to choose english, if the geo ip woun’t change it automatically.

The one more way to promote this wonderful server is –, i’m sure you’ve heard about it. It has english interface for sure, so you can create an account and after that create a public or a group like this one
The best way to promote it – by using russian promo text. Post here short description of your server and i’ll translate it into russian.

I think these steps will help us to make online here a little bit higher =)