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I would like to start with e Pole weapon. I wonder how many target can hit by a Pole (13?) and how many target can be hit by a Pole Skill (20?)?

With that said, i wish we get better SA for the Saint spear. Why Wild Sweep and Berserk? What does Berserk do?

Server : Saint Spear | Crit stun | Wild Sweep | Berserk
Official: Saint Spear | Health | Guidance | Haste

Currently (2020.05.11), i would prefer using the Tallum Glaive + Wide Blow over Saint Spear with an SA.


Well what do you think?

IMO: SA ranking

Wide Blow (if Pole can hit up to 13 target)

Crit stun (if Pole can hit only up to 5 target)

Long Blow (long reach, good for RB?)

Anger (Max HP -15% for pATK, not bad or bad?)

Health (Max HP + 25%, great? IDK)

Light (I will never use this SA)