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NPC buffer like all other of my old posts and the boost for suport classes wow that is great u can add to the suport clasess self bufs like dance lvl 2 and sovs lvl 2 self buf
this was on L2gold server very good server playd for 6 yers
and very good balance beste server ever and with npc buff but not 3 class bufs here u can add 3 clas bufs? like cov ?
u can make a farm zon for 78 80 lvl and get the 3 class bufs like cov magnus chant ghreater shild and like hi5 skils improved combat add shild and might into 1 buff time 30 min is ok but u can make it beter 60 min but this is not importat npc buff is the most importat so new players can have fun and not to play very hard and die and get mad and leave npc buff = biger communiti
o yes u can add rebirth sistem 2
get lvl max and then rebirt lvl 1 and get 1 custom skil from rebirt book on l2 gold was like this the skils
and all other profet buff + 5 % onli eva guidance have + 5 first reb + 8 second reb and + 12 3 reb bless the body + 10 % first reb 15 % second reb 20% 3 reb
u can add custom raid boss jwels
like earring o galaxia give + 7 run speed and 10% bow rezist i ahve the full list but my english is bad so if u have team speack or ventrilo or fb somthin i can call u so we can talk i cen help you edidt items and balance them like old gold c3-c4 was and had a loooot of player 12k was top