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The bishop’s mana ended in about 40 seconds. In 4 mages it is good to beat RB, only to find them still)) The problem with MP is also present in Spelsinger. Homunculus sword does not work in SA Conversion.

If mana runs out in 40 seconds, it means that you are spamming your spells. This is expected, and that was the point of the new mana potions: prevent players from spamming spells and making ‘smarter’ gameplay redundant.

For downloading on simple mobs, this works. Spellsinger does not have any options.

Spellsinger has a mana recovery buff that he can only use on himself.

As I said before changing the mana potions to the old “instant” style is not an option. If current mana recovery is too low maybe we can discuss increasing that, or even introducing new ways to restore mana (e.g. increase mana recovery while sitting down).