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Well, yes, I will say. I pumped Treasure hunter to 80lv, another treasure hunter to 77lv, the blade dancer to 74lv, Svs to 58lv, SE to 62lv, a tTyrant to 68lv, destroer to 69lv, SH to 72, Artisan to 62lv, spoiler to 71lv, Bishop up to 58lv, Interesting. I like the server, I support it, but I can not use it fully, just because I play almost one there. Yes, friends brought laptops to me and we tried to kill RB, attacked 4 of them and treated Bishop, but not successfully ..) In theory, anything can be enough, it’s words, but what it says is different. Well, if you can not do anything, then you can not. My business is to write. Thank you.