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The prices were increased a few months ago because people could just farm adena for a few days and never have to worry about losing their Clan Halls. Maintaining a Clan Hall should be an active thing, so we don’t plan on decreasing it. Here’s the math behind it, just so you realize that it really isn’t all that bad:

  • DVC mobs drop 150,000 to 250,000 adena each and they’re not the highest level ones (Catacombs mobs drop a lot more).
  • This means that in order to maintain a clan hall you need to kill: 10,000,000 adena / 150,000 adena per mob = 67 mobs or 10,000,000 adena / 250,000 adena per mob = 40 mobs.
  • So, you need somewhere between 40 to 67 mobs every week to maintain a simple Clan Hall.
  • When you are level 70+, if you get fully buffed it should take 5-10 seconds to kill a DVC mob (a fully buffed mage with regular A/S grade gear can kill the mob in 2 or 3 hits). This means that you need worst case scenario 10 sec * 67 = 670 sec = 11 min 10 sec of farming, excluding travelling time. Even if it takes you twice as much to walk around from mob to mob, you are still left with 8 more minutes of buffs to continue farming and that’s just from one buff cycle (all buffs last 30 minutes).

I really don’t think 10-20 minutes every week is a lot to ask for a Clan Hall. Also the high prices prevent people from farming a Clan Hall and holding it forever. If you reach a high level and farm a bit you will have more than enough adena to do everything. In fact, maybe some top tier Clan Halls could have a much higher price but offer extra sweet goodies, if I can come up with something cool 🙂