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2. The original subclass system can’t be re-created on old chronicles. If you remember, the first “private” servers that got the working subclass system were C4+.

4. I have thought of this, but if we make basic materials available in exchange for AA then low level crafter + spoiler are completely useless classes.

5. Songs and Dances are balanced the way they are, I will try to explain: At Level 74 Dance of Vampire slowly absorbs damage dealt to the enemy, Song of Vengeance reflects damage dealt to the player. At Level 72 no buffs. At Level 70 they both get a defensive buff. We just consider Dance of Vampire better than Song of Vengeance because of the “Meta” (i.e. which buffs we consider “good” buffs), and the same goes at level 66 with Song of Vitality and Dance of Protection. I hope this makes sense.

9. Thanks for reminding me. Those definitely need better drops!

We do the best we can. I can’t take all the credit as many many people have worked on several different things, from server to client to website to tools we use. I am glad we’re able to run this server and people can come back and play some old style L2.

The server has been online for a lot of years and the reason we keep it alive is simply because people keep coming back and want to play this great game on that era. We were never after big crowds or big donations, we just liked C3 and wanted to work on it as a project so that people who wanted to play C3 could enjoy the best version of this game.