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Dear Silentz0r !

Thanks for your reply!

1. Quest on hatchling works? Great, thank you!

2. I meant the original subclass system, without “stacking skills” or overpowered combinations (maybe it would be interesting) 🙂

3. Yes, pack of 5,000 for each SSD or bSSD will be great!

4. In my opinion, S-grade craft need very many basic resources, such as stone of purity and mithril ore. Maybe it was easier to make possible purchase these resources from Mammon for Ancient Adena?

5.Yes, you’re right. But Song of Vitality available to Sword Singer already at level 66. Dance of Vampire available to Blade Dancer only on 74 level and the difference between 66 and 74 is huge 🙂

6. Ok 🙂

7. Super! Thank you!

8. Yes, you’re right. All events require a lot of time.

9. I meant Raid bosses for 1-2 people, such as Last Lesser Giant Olkuth, Palibati Queen Themis, Death Lord Shax, etc.

10. It’s not a problem. Buffs enough and the game is very interesting without this.

P.S. Thank you for such a good and stable server!


Best Regards,