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Thanks a lot.

  1. We already have the hatchling quest. You can also grow it into a strider, and if you own a castle make your strider a wyvern!
  2. I really liked the stacking-style subclass system which was around before private C4 servers came out where you basically had skills from both classes at the same time, but it made some of the combinations very overpowered (e.g. Prophet + Spellsinger). Do you mean the original subclass system, or the “stacking skills” one?
  3. The 999 max items bug is just an old C1-C3 bug. This is a good idea, maybea pack of 5,000 for each soulshot/spiritshot type.
  4. S grade is not that hard to craft, what do you find difficult about it? Also, what do you mean by “Make some resources for AA”?
  5. That’s the original way. If you get everything you need before level 74, then there is no reason to get to level 74. Instead I think we should make buffer classes stronger and easier to play, so that they are not used just for afk buffs.
  6. See reply 5 🙂
  7. We have that every year, it’s coming soon 😉
  8. Manual events are pretty hard to do because of the low population, and C3 did not support automated events. This is really unfortunate, so I can only do events when I’m online and have enough time.
  9. Which raid bosses are you talking about? Lilith, Anakim, Baium and Antharas all drop a lot of things, including S grade weapons/armors and Titanium parts.
  10. This was suggested a while back too. Considering it for some buffs, however it will be difficult to do properly.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond to the thread, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the server!