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Dear Silentz0r !

This is my favorite server and I really want it to be even better. What can I offer?

Could you make this please:

1. L2 hatchling quest (Litte Wing). It would be great to pump pet from little hatchling to Strider 🙂

2. Make subclasses (if it possible).

3. Make SSD and bSSD packs (buy at 999 pieces not convenient).

4. A lot of resources needed to craft S-grade. Make some resources for AA.

5. Very long time need for Bladedancer for Dance of Vampire (74 lvl). Maybe give it before (at lvl 68-70)?

6. Could you make please a unique buff for Prophet? I have lvl 62 Prophet, but not to play him because its not interesting.

7. Special NPC with Christmas crackers and fireworks 🙂

8. Special events (such as the invasion of monsters in Giran, assault raid bosses in Aden and so on).

9. Increase drop from Raid-bosses (Or interesting spoil  from them 🙂 )

10. Stack some buffs into one (Might+Shield, Focus+DW,Empower+Acumen,Haste+Guidance,WW+Berserker Spirit).


Best Regards,