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Hello 🙂

the thing is the game was program that way. you cant do much about the simple pathfinding and simple AI without intervene the game code. If you want to prevent that, you have to re-program the pathfinding and AI behavor.

No, i dont consider me as cheating when using the game feature to my advance. Even though some feature were wanted and some dont. I dont use bot nor bug to make my char unreachable or unkillable. If the mob is “intelegent” it would run around and climb up the cliff to reach me. But most of the time i know how far to stand so the mob cant reach me. But luckly its exist only few place where you can really do that. All in all range class always have a small advance vs melee class.

I do have one question. Its the Database! Do you think a DB have anyuse for this server? I often searching for drop or what does this mob drop. Nothing is more pleasant than get a full-drop… YES i got a Comp. shield drop from Headless Knight!. Well you might get my idea. This is ofc a nice to have feature.