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Hello 🙂

The rule is there so that people don’t abuse bugs.

We changed starting location to Elven Village since we have a low population, so that new players could get a chance to meet with each other.

Of course all players have the advantage of being naturally intelligent (or at least some of them :p) so they can figure out different ways to do what they want – kill a creep / kill a boss / kill a player / take aggro from a lot of creeps. Sure, you can climb up a hill to kill some creeps below you, that’s not considered cheating. But bugging yourself up an unreachable cliff and then using it to your advantage, that would be cheating. And since we can prevent it, we would never ban someone who reports a bug unless they get caught first.

If someone has come up with a new idea of killing something it’s fine, as long as it doesn’t abuse bugs. And before we start a great analysis on what is considered “bug abuse”, I will put it simply: If you think you’re abusing a bug, you’re abusing a bug. If you don’t think you’re abusing a bug, then it’s fine.