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Well, i didn’t craft the entire armor set, just the body armor and i saw the stats it gives…and i don’t think i will complete it with boots, gloves and helm…it’s not worth it 🙁

The Dragon leather : att.speed/p.att +5% , MP +289 , weight limit +5759 , STR +2 , DEX +3 , CON -2 (buyable at shop, but crapy look)

The Draconic leather armor : stt.speed/p.att +4% , MP +289 , weight limit +5759 , STR +1 , DEX +1 , CON -2 (craftable and way more expensive than dragon leather to get)

I don’t know how to proceed, it’s not enjoyable for me at all even if i like this server :/

Anyway i was wondering if we could change the dragon leather appearence or boost the stats that dragonic leather gives (make them equal with dragon leather at least) so it will be more worthy to craft it.

P.S. Where are you?? long time no see. If we could do some raids on this server everything would be much more better 😀 but my suggestion is for those who cant do some raids for TITA set


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