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I think Silentz0r should look into this … I personally have never crafted Draconic Set, but I cannot imagine it is worse than the c3 S set. Many people before have been using it and I think no one has complained about it so far. Can you write the stats of your character (without any buffs) with both armors equipped here, please? Want to see the comparison if possible.

Also, keep in mind that Draconic armor is not made the way that all your character’s stats will increase with wearing that armor. All 3 S sets are made (or they should be anyway, really do not know how it is with light armor) so that their increase in overall statistics is more or less balanced. The equation C3 set > C4 set > Titanium Set should however still apply. What I am trying to say:

For a mage, wearing c3 The Robe Set means less casting but better M Atk than DC (A grade) set … when a person crafts c4 MA Robe Set it gets about the same M Atk as with c3 Set but also some extra casting (about the same as with DC set) – therefor, this means that crafting is beneficial cause person gets the casting bonus equal to best A grade armor set + M Atk bonus equal to M Atk from c3 S set … To conclude, crafting c4 Set is a good idea.

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.