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About Donation it wasn’t directly to say I think it is a “Pay to win” server cause that isn’t the case.
That actually balanced.
Just If I was able to donate to the server I wouldn’t want to keep it as token or take weapons or jewels (farmer here)^^
I would love to have some Hats or other craps like that (I used to pay more than 100€ on official only for Zaken’s Spirits Sword etc.)

Also Twista you said that my contribution value more than your ?
Nah I don’t think that.
Maintly why ? it cost me nothing that why I do it for nothing 🙂
Yeah I just take some time.
But time is nothing for me when that a pleasure 🙂

Also yeah Peoples could donate to make a boost like (an example.) Instant level 80 + gears to directly pvp I understand really and that I think that a good way to donate.
But donating to get gears that will own them all on pvp isn’t a good one.
That why giving stuff peoples can actually get is good.

Silent About npcs news.
Why not that you make a simple clean that show Only 3 last updates?
Nothing more or less.
I know that limitation I faced that one while I was playing around with the html for C3/c4
I used to make pages only 😛
Also you tell me it require a reboot but…
Isn’t an Update too?

About Dusk stuff as said I will be able to be back in few weeks 🙂
So i could finish what I had !
and with a better computer eheh 🙂

For that facebook page why don’t you delegate work?
Automatic things are as crap as death things tbh.
If that a pic a day you need I could set things easly.
Also It could be used for almost instant support?
I tell it cause I use my Baoulettes pages that way.
Peoples can reach me without knowing my skype etc.
And notification come on my phones so I can easly reply it between two things :3

About media I was maintly speaking about screen or video that the page could post so the peoples that doesn’t go on facebook (Ouga ouga captain cavern ouga.)
could see it too.
that an idea not what it have to be done.
Also that sound a bit to much of much but that not that much time consuming when you’re used to it ^^

For your work on the tank that cool to boost it.
But there is not only tank tbh ^^
but that another thread for that already with several calcule for each classes if I remenber right.

and for finish
Heya Twista xD!
It’s been a while since I haven’t seen the second sexy dark elven lady 😉

Pew Pew Pew Laser Game !