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First of all very thoughtful texts from both of you, and thanks for taking the time to write them up. Basically things that both of you said are actually the future of this server, I will try to keep my answers as short as possible:

1) We do have a facebook page but I don’t really write stuff on it. I guess I could link all news articles automatically to be posted on facebook.

2) I consider Videos part of the forum, in the Photos & Videos section. I guess we could have a separate page for “Media”, but it would be a bit chaotic.

3) I agree, Tanks need to be buffed. This is on my to-do list and should be happening soon. I don’t like nerfing classes unless they are insanely overpowered, instead I prefer to buff other classes to mitigate that advantage (it makes the game more fun for everyone to be strong 😉 )

4) Level 70+: Right now, you can farm Catacombs and reach level 74 for max skills. I am planning on releasing the custom Hero System soon, which will make people want to grind up to 80 in order to complete it. Also, there will be a custom farming area for 2-5 man parties, where mobs will be stronger and give more rewards. All in all, people will have interesting things to do after hitting the level 70+ mark.

5) I really like the Cata/Necro idea, as people will choose where to farm based on what they need (XP to reach 80 or AA to add SA’s etc.) It’s on my list.

6) Raids should have 100% to some resistances, because they are raids 🙂 I covered tanks above.

7) New dusk stuff could be added, you know we will add new armors too so sure, why not have new weapons. We’ll do that together 🙂

8) Updating the News NPC is hard, because it needs a server restart – which is why I stopped doing it. I guess I could add updates whenever I restart the server, but any interesting updates are posted here. Also, the NPC has a limit to how much it can show. I was thinking that Zashida could have all the important news (e.g. when a new feature is implemented), so that people read interesting stuff.

9) I know you’ll do things for this server and I really appreciate it, also the players appreciate it without even know it 🙂

10) Donations: I feel like donations are balanced now. Basically, someone who donates can skip some of the grinding (as Twista said), and get to the end-game state right away. Everything can be obtained in game, this is just a way for us to earn a bit of cash to maintain the server. We will also add more cosmetics soon, which might not be obtainable in-game (not sure yet), but as you said this is the point of luxury / cosmetics: they don’t alter gameplay (PvE/PvP), they just look shiny and awesome 🙂

11) Fucking Joffrey :p Thanks.

Twista, we’ve been around for 6 years, I doubt that tomorrow I’ll wake up and say “6 years is enough. Fuck this” :p I understand what you’re saying about “gambling” on the fact that the server might close, but that’s not the case with this server. Server’s here to stay for good, I think 6 years is enough to prove that.

That’s also a funny thing, people keep going to servers that open for a couple of months which are pay-to-win, they donate and then the servers close once the admins have made some money (like that guy I was complaining about who was opening another C3 server and ripping us off). As soon as people realize that this server is here to stay, they will start sticking around.

Server location is also bound to change to a more favorable location for everyone, which would be either EU West or US East (we’ll decide about that when the time comes).

This week I plan on doing a lot of L2OS related work, so keep your ears up and your eyes open 😉