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ty u can play alone i dont cry about buffe but the server need it so more ppl wil join and play that is way i tell u npc buffer coz i dont like play solo in the server no pvp no raids

but i see u rly like play solo so ok go play solo i will go other server sory if the gm will ever add npc buffer i will come back and i cant box coz i get crit error i told u i have w7

If you took the time to browse through our forums you’d find a hundred people asking about tabbing out of the game. You would also find a fix for it. Seems like you want a lot of things done for you instead of doing them yourself, if you ask me.

Also understand the difference between suggestions and demands.

ok i will leave server if gm will ever add npc bufer full i will come back til then see u and have fun play with 3 player 2 bad

Just curious, what if we add full buffs but no Kiss of Eva? Will you still come back?

Have fun wherever you go, this server is clearly not for you.