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I had win 7 for ages till switching to win 8 … minimizing 1 window and opening another one was no problem, nor it is now. We raid bosses even if only three 70+ level people are online. We totally have fun without NPC buffer.

Since you keep talking and keep talking about THE same silly thing, let me explain for 1 last time:

You now have clan, you now have all needed NPC buffs. All but dances and songs, which you get from one of us until you make your own. ┬áSo much drama just because there is no dances and songs in game from NPC buffer is just totally sad. And yes, I prefer playing with 5 nice people who do not complain over such a stupid thing as NPC buffs, then have to listen to never-ending chit chat about “how cruel this server is because it is not giving you dances and songs from a NPC buffer”.

Again! If you like this server so much, you would stay and take it as it is. NPC buffer would by no means keep the players around. Those who join c3 like it hard core, that is the whole point. I doubt you have that c3 spirit in you if the absence of dances and songs makes you leave. Better to find something like Interlude or high. I, by all means, am not trying to be rude, but almost every single post of you on this forum contains a sentence “want NPC buffs” in it. And yes, it is getting on my nerves.

It is not that you do not understand, it is that you do not even question.